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Small dog in training

George and Angela are amazing people. They came to our home and started working with three of our fur babies. Lucy was a stray and we don't know her history, but her favorite past time is escaping. She's never been on a leash that we know of. George & Angela were so helpful and educational. With the use of a training harness they were able to go from her jumping around trying to get out of the harness to getting her to walk on a leash the first day! They also started working with our other baby named Coco. Coco was adopted from a rescue here in San Angelo and was abused in her previous home. Coco generally doesn't like men, but she took to George pretty quickly. They started sizing harnesses for her as well so we can get her on the leash. We're very satisfied with the results so far and are excited to see what happens next! Daisy May is our third baby. George and Angela are also going to work with her to get her to stop barking at people and be able to walk on a leash. If your furry babies need help with manners, discipline, leash training, or anything in between call George and Angela!!!! You can tell they love what they do and know what they are talking about. Forever recommending them!!

Blue Heeler dog in training

My dog has been very hyperactive and difficult to manage, and in just a couple of hours with some great redirection and activity, we had a very different dog. Couldn't be happier with their method of calm and consistent redirection for the behaviors we didn't want from him. Ten out of ten here!


Dog trainers Angela & George Norwood with Golden Retriever Dog Graduate of board & train

The Pooch Pros, Angela & George, are exceptional as dog trainers. Before their help, my golden retriever puppy was too much for me to handle, trying to train him myself. They took plenty of time to show me how to continue the great work that they had done. I can enjoy him now, watching him grow into a well disciplined dog.

Dog trainers George & Angela Norwood with board and train dog graduate

The Pooch Pros did a 1 month board & train for my extremely high energy/high anxiety Pitbull/Husky Mix. I would not recommend using anyone other than The Pooch Pros for training or any other service. They drove over 3 hours to come pick up and drop off Mia, stayed in constant communication always sending videos etc of progress. The Pooch Pros completely changed her temperament and confidence. I see a completely new dog.Mia was incredibly stubborn and I had pretty much given up all hope that she would be able to go to public parks/interact with other animals & children. Thank you Pooch Pros for completely transforming Mia.

Long Haired Collie and Brittany Spaniel board and train dog

They were excellent. Practical, realistic, kind and effective I have a very sweet friendly dog but gets over excited and they calmed him down and taught us how to do it ourselves, how to make him stay in his bed, stop pulling on the leash…. We have a baby and they helped us figure out how to handle the dog behavior when busy with the baby. They were also very nice.~ 

Cane Corso board and train dog

George & Angela did an amazing job with Draco, our Cane Corso puppy. Draco is now very responsive to our commands and loks to us for guidance which he didn’t do before. We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Pooch Pros and are looking forward to working with them again. 

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