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George Norwood, Dog Trainer & Behavioral Specialist

I have always loved dogs, however I did not always know how to train them. Growing up, I had a German Shepherd named Lobo. I played so rough with him that none of my friends wanted to come around because I had turned him into a mean dog.  I thought that yelling at him was the right way to disciple him. Boy was I wrong! Thankfully I have learned a much better way. I now know how to work with dogs in a gentle and calm manner that really brings great results.

Dog Trainer George Norwood with Black Labrador dog
Dog Trainer Angela Norwood with White German Shepherd and Black Labrador dogs


Angela Norwood, Dog Trainer & Behavioral Specialist

I am happiest when surrounded with dogs or kids, even better with both!! Visiting the animal shelter has always been a dilemma for me because how do you choose one dog? I want to bring them all home! I love being a dog trainer because I get to work with all kinds of dogs and their owners. Our method is a little different from most dog trainers because our focus is on training you, the owner, because after all you'll probably be spending ten years or more with your precious pooch. Let us help you have a calm, obedient dog!

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